Want to try something new, or add something to complement your pole training with another aerial art? Well now’s your chance!

Starting early 2014 we are adding Aerial Hoop classes to our timetable – otherwise known as Lyra, this fabulous circus art is performed in a hoop suspended above the ground! Classes work to strengthen and tone all the key muscle groups, while improving flexibility. Like our Pole Fitness classes, this is definitely a workout you will feel the next day!

Get in touch now to register your interest!


Pole Studio Photo shoot – Gorgeous new photos!

We recently had a fantastic photo shoot with photographer Dale Pointon.

The photos were taken in our new studio area in Falmouth at The Core. We are really happy with the photos and will be using them around the website and on posters. The photos are none other than our very own students, along with Vicky being a helpful instructor as always. A special thanks goes to the photographer and the girls who posed for us. You all look great!