Happy Belated Poleaversary!

So, you may not have realised, but Vixystrawberry Pole School has officially been open just over a year! Time has absolutely flown by!

In September 2012, we tentatively opened Cornwall’s FIRST dedicated Pole Fitness Studio in Falmouth, based at The Core in Falmouth, our first studio had just 3 poles! We started with just one or two classes a week with no expectations for how Falmouth may take to Pole Fitness… and boy were we shocked! With classes running every week night now, the school has taken on a life of its own!

So here’s a bit of the story behind how we came to be:

A very silly man told me a few years ago now, that I couldn’t open my own business – that I would never be successful. Initially I listened to him, and was put off from starting my own classes in Cornwall – this story serves as a reminder that only you know what you are truly capable of, and as such, you should never let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do!

In 2010 I became involved in the creation of Cardiff University Pole Dance Society – a fitness based society offering Pole Fitness classes to students. The initial committee had just 6 representatives: Sophie, Jen, Liz, Sam, Sara and myself. I had been teaching for two years previous to this, but mainly for hen parties in Newquay. Through the society I began teaching weekly pole fitness classes, initially for beginners, but as our membership grew and the students progressed we expanded to cover all levels. Part way through 2010 I took over presidency of the society, and it was in this first year of running that we were awarded Best New Society at the annual Society Awards ceremony. We were delighted that our hard work had been recognised, and we were gradually becoming one of the largest societies with over 170 members!

In the 2011-12 academic year, I continued to teach for the society and made some of the best friends I could ask for – the Pole Family. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere! Lauren, Georgie, Abby, Nadia and I worked together on performances and put together some epic group choreography – I would not be the poler or the person I am today without them.

For my last 2 years with the society, I specialised in advanced classes, conditioning, flexibility, core strengthening and routine classes. I helped students prepare for the national interuni pole competition, and in 2013 I was lucky enough to have choreographed the winning team entry.

I feel very fortunate that my Cornwall students are just as lovely as my Cardiff students – and this has made the transition from university much easier than I had initially thought it might be!

Pole has taught me that I can overcome my physical and psychological boundaries, if I only believe in myself – and as such, I have been inspired to do my best to pass this onto my students, past and present!

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that have made us what we are today – we couldn’t have done it without you! We also need to give a special thanks to The Core who have supported the launch and development of the studio throughout.

Seeing you all progress week in, week out, makes me proud to be part of your pole journeys: I feel grateful for the opportunity to experience your tenacity and determination – it inspires me every day.

Much Pole Love




Want to try something new, or add something to complement your pole training with another aerial art? Well now’s your chance!

Starting early 2014 we are adding Aerial Hoop classes to our timetable – otherwise known as Lyra, this fabulous circus art is performed in a hoop suspended above the ground! Classes work to strengthen and tone all the key muscle groups, while improving flexibility. Like our Pole Fitness classes, this is definitely a workout you will feel the next day!

Get in touch now to register your interest!


Pole Studio Photo shoot – Gorgeous new photos!

We recently had a fantastic photo shoot with photographer Dale Pointon.

The photos were taken in our new studio area in Falmouth at The Core. We are really happy with the photos and will be using them around the website and on posters. The photos are none other than our very own students, along with Vicky being a helpful instructor as always. A special thanks goes to the photographer and the girls who posed for us. You all look great!