You’ve Booked! Yeay!

Now for the serious stuff…

Now you’ve booked you might be thinking about the logistics – what to expect, what you might need to bring, where to find us and even parking! Hopefully this page will answer all your questions, but if not just drop us an email to

What to expect

At your first class, your instructor will go through housekeeping information such as bathrooms, fire procedure and important info for the rest of the course. Make sure you arrive with a little extra time so you don’t miss this bit! Bear in mind though, some spaces we use don’t have a waiting area so you may have to wait outside – don’t knock until your class start time in case there’s a class in before you.

In your first session your instructor will also go through any health conditions you’ve told us about (if they need to be discussed) and collect any balance payments – please ensure you bring payment with you if you just paid a deposit, or visit this link to pay your balance beforehand! We can take card payments at any of our locations, including contactless and Apple Pay.

All classes have a warm up, learning section and a cool down. If you miss the start of the warm up unfortunately you won’t be able to take part – you are entirely welcome to observe though, this is a great way to still learn even if you’re a bit late!

What to bring

We don’t have a lot of storage in some of our venues, so we recommend only bringing a small bag of essential items. You’ll need water to stay hydrated during class and your phone to get progress pictures and videos (though please note we don’t allow texting or calls in class unless it’s an absolute emergency) and if you have one we’d recommend bringing a yoga mat to warm up on.

It’s best to wear layers – if you’re comfortable in shorts, wear them under stretchy trousers you can do a deep lunge in, a t shirt and a jumper. As you get warmer you may want to take layers off, but we’d rather you were cosy for the start of the warm up – in summer of course you may find you prefer not to bring layers. Shorts are not essential though, so long as your leggings can roll up to the knee you’ll be good to go!

If you find during class that you get sweaty hands, feel free to bring a small towel to use on your body – we provide cloths for cleaning the poles. Some students find it helpful to use grip (we stock this at the Truro studio) or even an ice pack to hold in warmer months!

You’re also welcome to bring a notebook – this can help you remember what you’ve learned!

Important things beforehand

For safety, it’s super important to not moisturise on the day of class, unless you have a glycerine based moisturiser that doesn’t leave a residue.

It’s SO normal to be a bit nervous before class (if you’re not don’t worry, you just already know you’re a badass!) but we want to remind you that everyone’s in the same boat learning something from the beginning. Often people worry about being in shorts in front of other people – if that’s you, there’s no pressure to wear shorts, but we hope with time you’ll feel confident to do so. We celebrate all bodies in our classes! (Before that negative self talk sneaks in, we categorically know all bodies are great bodies).

Make sure to tell your instructor if there are any injuries or changes to your health, especially during class – if something doesn’t feel right it’s important to listen to your body and feedback to you instructor.

Where to find us


Divine Pole & Aerial
3 Church Walk

You can find our brand new studio at the back of TKmaxx and Newlook, you can access the studio a few different ways:

Through the Highcross multistorey car park pedestrian exit on level 4,

Via the walkway across from Truro Methodist Church.

For parking, the Highcross multistorey is £5.95 for anything over an hour (or £4.95 using the NCP app), the Old Bridge Street carpark is free after 5pm and a 3 minute walk to the studio, Moresk and Edward St car parks are free after 4pm and a 3-5 min walk to the studio.

Venue TBC – Redruth

We are moving! We’ll confirm our new Redruth venue with you ASAP! How exciting!


The Therapy Studios
Berry Road (above Stratton and Creber)
Newquay, Cornwall

Use the black door on the corner of Berry road to enter, head up the stairs and we’re just on the first floor. For parking, the Manor carpark is free after 4pm and a short walk away, or Asda has 2hrs free parking for customers that’s also a short walk away. In the evening out of season you may find on street parking nearby.