Student testimonials

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Here are the results of our anonymous survey of our current students in 2016:

‘The environment at pole, and especially at Vixystrawberry, is unlike anything I’ve found anywhere else, the amount of support you get from each other is amazing.’

‘Pole is one of the very best bits of my week! I always look forward to my classes. Class is always fantastic and I always come out with a big smile on my face. I am soooo insanely pleased that I found Vixystrawberry! So much love!!!!’

‘Most of all – Thankyou. Pole has been a healing experience for me and continues to work wonders for my inner self 🙂 ‘

‘I have come to realise how valuable it is to support and have the support of other women. That sounds like I never supported anyone, but what I mean is I never realised how helpful a few words of encouragement can be to someone’s or my own confidence. ‘

‘Through Vixystrawberry I finally learnt to love myself and am amazed at what my body can do!’

‘Vixystrawberry classes are so empowering and have given me the strength to change so many aspects of my life for the better 🙂 ‘

‘Have Vixystrawberry classes affected my life? Hell yes!!! I have made loads of lovely new friends and get stronger with every class. I also feel loads better about myself thanks to all the support and encouragement I get and the sense of achievement when I learn new moves!’

‘I feel that Vixystrawberry classes have affected me in a lot of ways. I definitely feel like I am getting stronger not only physically but mentally. It makes me feel empowered as a woman and since starting I have begun to appreciate my body and stop thinking so negatively!’

‘Vixystrawberry classes have brought me improved confidence, fitness levels, and body tone’

‘Through Vixystrawberry classes I’m starting to love myself, and stop blaming myself for other people not accepting me’

‘Vixystrawberry classes have made me stronger, happier and I have made amazing friends. Plus my daughter has become more body confident 🙂 ‘

‘I am definitely fitter, more confident and have more friends. I love everything about it 🙂 ‘

‘Have Vixystrawberry classes affected me? Yes! So much! It has made me stronger, sexier, more coordinated and more confident!’

‘My Body confidence has grown and I have learnt to believe in myself’

‘I joined Vixystrawberry to become stronger, fitter and toned, but to also have fun! I look forward to pole every week, it’s enjoyable, Vicky is fantastic and the rest of the strawberry family are wonderful!’

‘I attend Vixystrawberry Classes because the environment is fun and energetic. The instructor, Vicky, is incredibly passionate about pole and really makes everyone feel involved!’

‘Initially i was drawn to the strength and grace of pole. This is by far the kindest, most caring and supportive group I have ever met/been a part of. I now come to be with family.’

‘What does Vixystrawberry mean to me? Strength, finding my inner goddess, flexibility, fun and friendship’

‘I’m obsessed with pole now, I love it. I’d like to tone up abit more but it has given me a lot more strength and body confidence. It’s my me-time and often highlight of the week.’

‘Vixystrawberry classes make my insides love my outsides again 🙂 and each class is like a top up of pure selfish love – which is awesome’

‘I really love Vicky’s teaching style and her attentiveness to all of those in the class. Pole is something I really look forward to each week as it is a fun, sexy exercise and the strawberry family is so supportive!’

‘Why do I go to Vixystrawberry classes? Love of pole! Confidence. Female support system. Knowing my body can do anything if I put my mind to it’

‘I love pole so much! Thank you for the awesome classes each week 🙂 ‘