What is Pole Fitness?

What is Pole Fitness?


Pole Fitness is a form of exercise that uses the pole as a gymnastic apparatus. At Vixystawberry Pole School, we are dedicated to providing a workout, so you can get in shape whilst having fun!


What are the benefits of Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness is a complete body workout, so you can expect to see results all over!

Co-ordination and balance

Pole Fitness utilises and builds upon your co-ordination and balance skills as you learn to control spins and tricks with a focus on starting and linking moves smoothly; which will strengthen muscles throughout the body, but particularly improving core strength.

Biceps and triceps

Using just your arms to support yourself in spins and pulling yourself up the pole creates the ideal workout for strengthening and toning your biceps. The use of a ‘push-pull grip’ also works to improve your triceps alongside your biceps, making Pole Fitness the perfect workout for strong, toned arms! As you progress, your workout also increases as you rely on the arms for inverts (upside down tricks) and one-armed spins.

Abdominals, obliques and core

All Vixystawberry Pole Fitness classes encourage you to engage your core the majority of the session with spins, tricks and climbs requiring your core to stablising your limbs and head. For holds and inverst, your abs, obliques, core and intercostal muscles are strengthened. This is achieved through training to gracfully lift and support your body, utilising deadlifts (lifting without kicking) to strangthen each layer or muscle allowing safe and controlled inversions and holds.


With intensive stretching an integral part of Vixystawberry Pole Fitness Classes, you will find your flexibility improves as you progress right from the beginning with basic flexibility such as toe touching, up to advanced tricks which require almist contortian level flexibility! Pole Fitness is excellent for improvement in even the least flexible participant as it caters for all abilities, encouraging you to build long lean muscles through strengthening and stretching.
Pole Fitness

Shoulders and chest muscles

Many Pole Fitness tricks and spinms work the arms and chest in a similar way to chin ups, engaging your deltoids, rhomboids and trapezjus muscles. Other spins require you to hold your body away from the pole, strengthening your pectoral muscles, all of which help you to tone your shoulders and chest.

Back muscles

Your rhomboids, latissimis dorsi and deltoids are intensively worked throughout a Vixystrawberry Pole Fitness lesson, not only in stabilising your body but also in lifting the torso and limbs, for spins, climbs and inverts (upside down tricks). Strengthening these muscles in your back can lead to improved posture, which turn improves self image and confidence as you appear slimmer and move more gracefully.


Lifting your legs in spins, tricks and holds relies heavily not just on your core, but also your hip flexors, improving strength and tone which in turn improves grace in transitions.

Glutes and quads

Maintaining body position during the majority of spins requires you to engage your quads and glues, improving muscle tone and strength. This is continued into more advanced levels where climbing, sits and inverts (upside down tricks) use just the legs at times to support the body, increasing the intensity of your workout! When perfecting your spins and tricks you are encouraged to point your toes, working not only your glutes and quad but also the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in your calves!