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Our fabulous progressive courses run for 6 weeks  in locations across Cornwall and are just £60, to make a booking you will need to pay a £30 deposit via our booking page, and the remainder will be due at your first session. To find the right level for you, please check the information – but make sure you’re certain of your course choice before booking! If you are unsure at all about which level is suitable for you, then please contact our team to discuss your needs.

Alongside our levelled courses, we also run Pole Dance and flexibility for Pole courses, as well as flexi drop in sessions that can be purchased via the button above.

Think you’d prefer to work with one of our fab instructors 1-2-1? No problem – visit our Private Tuition page for more info!

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Courses available

Pole Fitness Courses:

With classes covering beginners right up to advanced tricks, we’re sure to have the right course for you. Our classes are suitable for people of all shapes, sizes and gender identifications – make sure you check our our FAQs page if you have any questions.

We have a mixture of set levels from 1 through to 8, and grouped classes of Level 1, beginners, intermediates and advanced, dependent on location. This varies because in some locations we are only there 1 night a week, and in our studio we are growing our timetable to run the full range of courses. If you’re wanting to join with previous experience, please drop us a message so we can help you book the right level! Below is a brief overview of some of the tricks taught in each level.

Level 1

Level 1 is suitable for complete beginners, and those who have either taken just a couple of classes, or those who have had a long break from pole. Level 1 covers beginners spins, climbs and sits! You don’t have to have any previous experience to join this course – its designed to give you a thorough introduction into the basics of Pole! Should you have any health conditions that might impact you exercising, please make sure to contact us prior to booking so we can advise you if Pole Fitness is for you.

Level 2

Level 2 is suitable for people who have completed a level 1 or beginners course previously. Level 2 covers more challenging beginners spins, climbs, sits and combos.

Level 3

Level 3 is where we introduce students to basic inverts (upside down tricks!) alongside strengthening and prep for going upside down, this level also covers some beginner/intermediate holds such as hood ornament, figurehead, and anchor.

Level 4

At level 4 we work to build on those initial inverts, linking some together into combos including blade, butterfly and swan, alongside other intermediate tricks. To take this level you should be able to deadlift inverts from the ground on both sides.

Level 5

At level 5 we cover intermediate inverts and tricks including gemini, scorpio, upright bracket grips and transitions such as scissor seat to aerial anchor/jamilla.

Level 6

At level 6 we cover aerial inverts, advanced inverts and transitions such as superman, iguana, shoulder mounts and combos.

Level 7

In level 7 we prep for and cover advanced inverts such as ayesha, aerial shoulder mounts and complex combinations.

Level 8

Level 8 covers handsprings, flag press inverts, prep for handspring deadlifts, iron x and other advanced tricks and combos.

Pole Dance Courses 

We run two Pole Dance courses, Exotique is a fusion of exotic Pole Dance, Classique, and Russian Exotic styles creating a subtle sexy and sensual routine that really gets you working up a sweat! We also run a contemporary Pole Dance course.

Flexibility For Pole 

Lots of pole tricks, as you progress require varying degrees of flexibility, but more than this, as we live in an often desk bound and technology driven society these days our bodies need more and more the move to maintain their flexibility. Our classes use muscle releases, mobilisations and a 80/20 mix of active vs passive stretches to improve your flexibility and range of motion. We cover box and jazz splits, alongside backbending.




Aerial Courses



We are awaiting rigging in our Truro studio to accommodate aerial silks, hoop and trapeze courses, but drop us an email if you’d like to be added to the mailing list for updates when our rigging is installed.