Pole Fitness Classes FAQ

Q) I don’t currently do any other exercise, is Pole Fitness suitable for me?

A) Yes! Pole Fitness is suitable for people of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes! Our beginners courses are designed to help you progress safely at the speed that is right for you!

Q) I’m not very co-ordinated and/or flexibile, will I still be able to do it?

A) Yes, co-ordination and flexibility are things that can be developed with practice, we are a very inclusive school, and will help you develop your skills safely in line with your aims!

Q) What should I wear to class?

A) Clothing that you can move in is ideal, i.e. workout clothes – T shirt and , if you feel comfortable wearing shorts under your trousers will help when it comes to learning to climb and sit etc, but we are very inclusive and if you are not comfortable to do so then we will be able to provide you with alternatives in beginners classes (though please be aware that in more advanced courses shorts and bare arms will be required).

Q) Is there anything I should or should not do before class?

A) Do not moisturise on the day of the class, this will make gripping the pole very difficult, and could make it slippery for others too!

Q) Do I need to bring anything to class?

A) A positive attitude and some water!

Q) That all sounds great! How do I book?

A) You can visit our page on classes, click ‘Book Online’ and use our online booking system!